With the goal to satisfy the criteria regarding the ecology of waste water, the masonary inspection chamber has been a standard product for many years. Today it is being replaced with Polyethylene inspection chamber from UNITED...
    The sump tank is also designed to be used as Vertical Septic tank, with additional attachments inside. The tank is coloured in Terracotta colour to match the International colour code for sewage system ...
    United RCC Septic Tanks are made of high-quality rich concrete to assure you a maintenance-free, trouble-free functioning. And these are made to last many years and to withstand all...
    We have developed a new patented Sewage Treatment Plant for independent houses, designed to treat 1000 Ltrs per day, both Black and Grey water...
    As the name suggests, United Polyethylene Septic Tanks, are made of Polyethylene in a single moulding. The unique size and 3 chamber design of United Polyethylene Septic...
Modular Tank  
Another Feather In Our Cap is the addition of our new member, modular polyethylene underground tank to our family.

The tank is designed by renowned Italian product designers.

You demand the volume, we have it. These tanks are pre plumbed and modular in design, each module has a capacity of 5000 Ltr. volume. The tank can be modulated to the desired volume and can be shipped to your site within 2 working days.

These tanks are light in weight, easy to install, temperature resistant from -35 to + 60, cent percent leak proof, smooth interiors, resistant to acids, alkalis and load bearing.

Tanks are provided with additional extension risers, if required to attain the finish level. The lids are double walled for extra safety.

Tanks can be colored as per the choice of clients to meet the color code requirement.

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